Loving And Giving

Molly Keane



In 1914, when Nicandra is eight, all is well in the grand Irish estate, Deer Forest. Amman is beautiful and adored. Dada, silent and small, mooches contentedly around the stables.

Aunt Tsosie, of the giant heart and bosom, is widowed but looks splendid in weeds. The butler, the groom, the land steward, the maids, the men - each as a place and knows it. Then, astonishingly, the perfect surface is shattered; Amman does something too dreadful ever to be spoken of.

'What next? Who to love?' asks Nicorandil. And through her growing up and marriage her answer is to swamp those around her with kindness - while gradually the great house crumbles under a weight of manners and misunderstanding.

Language English
ISBN-10 1-84408-325-x
ISBN-13 978-1844083251
No of pages 233
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Little Brown & Co
Published Date 01 Jun 2006

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