Blackberry: The Inside Story of Research in Motion

Jim Balsillie & Mike Lazaridis



From its relatively modest debut in 1999, Blackberrry has become one of the most popular technology products in the world. Research in Motion – the phenomenally successful company behind Blackberry which began as a student start-up – has already sold over 75 million smartphones, nearly half of which were sold in the last year alone. This book is a never-before-seen, behind-the scenes portrait of RIM and its amazing CEOs who are two of today’s most respected businessmen: Jim Balsillie and Mike Laziridis.

It explores in detail not only the company’s early struggles against much larger and much better known firms, but also how RIM has been able to maintain and exceed even its own lofty expectations. With thousands of hours of interviews with people close to the company, including unprecedented access to company founders Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, award-winning business writer Rod McQueen has crafted an arresting narrative telling this incredible story.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Founding and Early Days: Insights into the founding of Research in Motion, the vision behind BlackBerry, and the initial challenges faced by the company.

  2. Innovation and Technology: Details about the innovative technology that drove the success of BlackBerry, including the development of the first mobile email device.

  3. Business Strategy: Understanding RIM's business strategy, including its focus on corporate clients, security features, and expansion into the consumer market.

  4. Market Dominance and Competition: Exploring BlackBerry's dominance in the smartphone market and the challenges posed by competitors like Apple and Android devices.

  5. Cultural Impact: Examination of BlackBerry's cultural impact, particularly its influence on mobile communication, business productivity, and corporate culture.

  6. Leadership Dynamics: Insights into the leadership style and collaboration between Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis in steering RIM during its growth phase.

  7. Challenges and Setbacks: Discussions about the challenges, setbacks, and strategic missteps faced by RIM, including the decline in market share and product innovations.

  8. Adaptation and Change: Understanding RIM's efforts to adapt to the changing landscape of the smartphone industry and evolving consumer preferences.

  9. Lessons Learned: Reflections on the lessons learned from RIM's rise and fall, including the importance of innovation, adaptability, and market responsiveness.

  10. Legacy and Impact: Evaluating BlackBerry's legacy in the technology industry, its lasting impact on mobile communications, and its influence on subsequent smartphone development.

Language English
ISBN-13 9781845135744
No of pages 320
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Hachette
Published Date 21 Apr 2010

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