Outsourcing - Second Edition

Steven M Bragg


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"As companies in growing numbers look to outsource functions not related to their core competencies, Bragg's work provides an excellent road map. Demonstrating a firm grasp of the topic, he intelligently walks the reader through the maze, analyzing all aspects of the process (including whether the function should or should not be outsourced). This is a must-read for both novices and veterans alike." --Mary S. Schaeffer Editorial Director and Publisher Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow "Steve Bragg's Outsourcing gives business decision-makers the insights needed to make the case for or against outsourcing. The first half provides a thorough discussion of all aspects, including evaluating risks and rewards, selecting, contracting, and terminating. The second half provides in-depth analysis of ten different types of outsourcing services, including janitorial, customer service, and accounting. This book provides practical advice that will benefit everyone regardless of the extent of their prior experience." --Dr. Will Yancey, PHD, CPA Independent Consultant "Once again, Steve Bragg has compiled a comprehensive, well-written book that will yield an excellent return on time invested by readers. This is a must-have guide in outsourcing for any manager, whether newly exposed or an expert. I came away with some great ideas from the book!" --James A. Bologa Executive Vice President and CFO Daticon Inc. "Use of carefully considered outsourcing can be a critical component of any corporate strategy. In Outsourcing, Steve Bragg has given an excellent overview of why and when outsourcing should be considered, some precautionary thoughts, and specifics of how to successfully implement and manage any outsourced functions. He has created an excellent guide to the use of outsourcing as a means to enhance corporate success in today's challenging business climate." --Richard V. Souders President and CEO Premier Data Services

What will you learn from this book

  1. Strategic Business Unit Selection: The book may guide readers on how to strategically select the appropriate business unit or process for outsourcing, considering factors such as core competencies and cost-effectiveness.

  2. Contract Negotiation Strategies: Bragg might provide insights into effective negotiation strategies for outsourcing contracts, including terms, conditions, and service level agreements.

  3. Process Control and Quality Assurance: Maintaining control over the outsourced process is crucial. The book could discuss methods for ensuring quality assurance and adherence to performance standards.

  4. Vendor Selection Criteria: Bragg might outline criteria for selecting outsourcing vendors, considering factors such as reputation, experience, financial stability, and cultural fit.

  5. Cost-Benefit Analysis: The book may emphasize the importance of conducting a thorough cost-benefit analysis to evaluate the financial implications of outsourcing decisions.

  6. Risk Management and Mitigation: Outsourcing involves inherent risks, and the book may provide strategies for identifying, assessing, and mitigating these risks throughout the outsourcing lifecycle.

  7. Legal and Compliance Considerations: Bragg might delve into the legal aspects of outsourcing, including compliance with regulations, intellectual property protection, and contract law.

  8. Communication and Change Management: Effective communication strategies during the outsourcing process are crucial. The book may discuss ways to manage communication and address changes within the organization.

  9. Technology Integration: If relevant, the book could explore the integration of technology systems and platforms between the outsourcing partner and the client organization.

  10. Continuous Monitoring and Improvement: Bragg might stress the importance of ongoing monitoring of the outsourcing relationship and processes, with a focus on continuous improvement and adaptability.

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Published Date 17 Feb 2006

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