A Beauty By Its Blue Reflection

Neelima Rajawat



A beauty by its Blue reflection is the 27 years journey of an Indian girl, including different phases of life with different perceptions but a single thought. Neelima grew up in a lower middle-class family, where people didn't even want to accept her as their daughter. Her journey has gone through tiny tales of ups and downs in life. Everyone has an influential story.

Sometimes, one’s learning Phase can be a solution to tackle a similar problem in someone else’s life. All chapters here can make you flow with emotions like happy, sad, inspired, adorable and independent because neelima’s life is little logical & more magical as framed by a software engineer. As a software engineer, I tried to write this book in a pattern as we develop a software which we use to call a waterfall model which goes through several phases like analysis, design, coding testing, & maintenance.

So here, I considered life as software and have written the book as making different phases of life one after the other. Last but not the least, why does the index of chapters start with 0 and numbers are written inside the Square brackets? Because in basic computer programming languages array indexes start with zero. Although zero is one of the turning points of neelima’s life.

Language English
ISBN-10 978-9354380662
ISBN-13 978-9354380662
No of pages 136
Book Publisher Become Shakespeare
Published Date 04 Mar 2021

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Author : Neelima Rajawat


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