When Daddy Was a Little Boy

Alexander Raskin





It is often hard for children to think of their Daddy as a ‘little boy’.

Sasha discovered that her Daddy was once upon a time a little boy when she fell ill and her Daddy told her a story about himself when he was her age. Sasha was fascinated by this discovery. So, whenever she would fall sick, she would ask her Daddy to tell her a story about himself ‘when he was a little boy’. and, each time her Daddy would tell her a new story of funny things that ever happened to actual little boys like him or to other little daddies that he knew. After all, all daddies were ‘little boys’ once.

When Daddy was a little boy is a timeless collection of tales that happened to a Daddy when he was a ‘little boy’.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789380637341
ISBN-13 9789380637341
No of pages 208
Book Publisher Ponytale Books
Published Date 03 Feb 2021
Audio Book Length 03:15:31

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Author : Alexander Raskin


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