रिच डॅड पुअर डॅड (Marathi)

Robert T. Kiyosaki , Abhijeet Thite


In Circulation

हे पुस्तक आपल्याला समृद्धांसारखे विचार करण्यास शिकवते. आपण आर्थिक स्वातंत्र्य शोधत असाल तर, आपली शिक्षण प्रक्रिया सुरू करण्यासाठी ही पुस्तक एक चांगली जागा आहे.

What will you learn from this book


• An asset puts money “in” your pocket. A liability takes money “out” of your pocket.

• The rich keep building assets.

• Wealth is the number of days you can survive without physically working.

• Mastery in accounting, investing, markets, and law creates Financial Intelligence

• The greatest reason for the lack of financial success is that most people play too safe.

Language Marathi
ISBN-10 B07NS7X5V4
ISBN-13 978-81-8322-037-8
No of pages 188
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Manjul
Published Date 01 Jan 2013

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