Ayurveda for Perfect Health

T.L. Devaraj


In Circulation

This book helps you identify the type of body you have, and the kind of food, exercise and relief methods that are required to maintain and improve your health. It gives in detail the schedules that need to be adopted to keep up the body health at all times and under all conditions.

To reach the final goal of perfect health, the book gives simple and useful suggestions, and elaborates on Ayurvedic food, exercises and balancing of the daily routine for maintaining good health. It also provides vital information on meditation, sound therapy, music therapy and gandharava therapy that are necessary for keeping the mind in balance.

Language English
ISBN-10 8174763988
ISBN-13 9788174763983
No of pages 210
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher UBS Publishers
Published Date 15 Nov 2003

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Author : T.L. Devaraj


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