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Marissa Orr

Marissa Orr, face book and Google veteran, explains why our efforts to close the gender gap have failed and posits that Overhauling the business world's par...


Anmol Rana

Seven Days Without You is a story of two childhood friends that finds its destiny only when they live seven days away from each other. What the joyous life of y...


Ravindra Shukla

Resonance - We often use the term, ñfrequency matchingî in our daily life to define compatibility. Our frequency does not match, we do not get alon...


Shilpi Chaklanobis

A turbulent relationship between a mother and a daughter takes a sudden turn when the daughter stumbles across a past that she never knew.   The Golden ...

In Circulation

S. Radhakrishnan

One of the most profoundly religious books of our time - The Spectator Science is a system of second causes, which cannot describe the world adequately, much le...


Rachel Renee Russell

For the followers of Dork Diaries series, the book is a more girly version of the entire collection. It is about an eighth grader named Nikki. who loves her dia...


Edgardo David Holzman

Publishers Weekly: Set during Argentina's Dirty Wars of the late 1970s and early 80s, Holzman's stunning debut novel follows two men clamoring for ...


K. T. Achaya

Globalization may have brought Indian food closer to the international palate, but it has also generated many myths. There is perhaps no bigger irony than consi...


Wolf J. Rinke

Are you tired of slash and burn tactics? Are you fed up with re-engineering, downsizing and other interventions which, at best, only achieve short-term benefits...


Victor Kabagi

This book captures the cultural beliefs and traditions of the African leaders and their apt desire to welcome the western cultures with open arms. Flavell being...


Stuti Mishra

This is my first book. It is set of poems. If you are a poetry lover you must read it. It will take you to ride of different emotion. Inspiring and lively poems...


Arius Lauren Raposas

They say a revolution usually took 365 days, but could it be possible in just eighty? British gentleman Phileas Fogg drove the world crazy with his uncanny wage...