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Anuj Tiwari

Can you sail through life despite its terms and conditions? Anuj had never imagined that his feelings for the vivacious Prachi, who didn’t even believe...


Ajit Sherawat

The fortitude which won Kamlesh the cycle race had the designs of victories her future awaited. Though the battle was still her own, it was for her son Jeet to ...


Rashmi Kumar

Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask god, 'Where have I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me, 'This is going to take more than one night' s...


Rajat Pillai

Devika has an unstable mind, or so the doctors have been saying. While working on her second book, she starts receiving letters from an enigmatic woman who was ...


Priyanka Baranwal

In a nation where most women are taught to be submissive at every stage in life, Maya stands out. In a society that finds fault in women for heinous crimes like...



Do you believe some things are meant to happen? Meet Aleah, a romantic at heart who lives in a world of practicality. she is happy in her current relationship w...


K. Hari Kumar

An easy but interesting read, When Strangers Meet.. has a story that youth can relate to. It shows the father-son relationship from the points of view of the th...


Gaurav Dashputra , Siddhant Kaushik

"Running Doesn't Change Anything Dying Does." Rehan lrani's life is a mess. His line of work isn't strictly legal and the pressure is moun...


Ashwina Garg

Studied hard? Got the perfect job? Found the perfect mate? And still screwed up your life? Is it possible to do everything right in your life and still not be h...


Vibhor Tikiya

Dharam is a dream institution for its founders and employees alike, who give it their sweat and blood. In time, it prospers owing to the fine acumen of its owne...


Rashma Kalsie

Ohh! Gods are Online is a surreal novel co-authored by two writers who have never met. The story was neither contrived nor planned, it was allowed to flow. What...


Suhail Abidi

Aditya gave a slight nod and Yash continued, ‘let us analyze these stepping stones step by step. We can write your perfect equation of success as: IIT Kan...