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Ruchir Sharma

On the eve of a landmark general election, Ruchir Sharma offers an unrivalled portrait of how India and its democracy work, drawn from his two decades on the ro...

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Jim Afremow

Even among the most elite performers, certain athletes stand out as a cut above the rest, able to outperform in clutch, game-deciding moments. These athletes pr...

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Vinay Kamath

When Titan Company Limited launched its quartz watches some 30 years ago, the founders ? a merry bunch of Tata employees who started out simply wanting ?to do s...

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Howard Marks

Economies, companies and markets operate in accordance with patterns which are influenced by naturally occurring events combined with human psychology and behav...

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Amy Edgar

The complete retelling of favorite Disney movies in a true read-aloud style.

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Ruchika Chanana & Tanya Luther

Women of Pure Wonder: Struggle, Survival, Success traces stories from the heart of India, stories that often escape thehistorical lens - tales of an India defin...

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Anant Pai

Rogues and scoundrels were forced to tread carefully, even the exalted emperor was not spared when he erred, for Birbal, Akbar's able minister, was at hand ...

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Naoa Belling

The demand to learn this ancient discipline continues to grow at an extraordinary rate. This handbook, with its beautiful, specially commissioned photography pl...

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Benjamin Spock

The standard guide to baby and child care, from physical to moral development, includes new material on international adoption, autism, and coping with terroris...

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Linda Hill & Kent Lineback

You never dreamed being the boss would be so hard. You're caught in a web of conflicting expectations from subordinates, your supervisor, peers, and custome...

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Cheryl Strayed

Life can be hard, your lover cheats on you, you lose a family member, you can't pay the bills. But it can be pretty great too, you've had the hottest se...

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