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Mehreen Syed

We all know if there is any misunderstood thing on earth, it is ""LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS"". Young people are misunderstanding this beautiful...


James Hadley Chase

James Hadley Chase is probably the best know synonym of René Lodge Brabazon Raymond, an English writer also known by other pen names, including James L. ...


Mack R. Douglas

With more than one million copies sold, How to make a habit of succeeding sits among the canon of motivational books. Renowned motivational speaker and executiv...


Jeanne Segal

It made news all over the world. People became aware that the ability to feel is vital to our well being. Our emotions are the keys to self-awareness, now we ha...


Barbara Pachter

By the best selling author of the Power of Positive Confrontation, comes the 601 simple yet key things that will help you shine and succeed in every situation. ...


Jane Lawes

Cartwheel into this sparkling new series about the exciting, energetic and inspirational world of gymnastics! Tara loves doing cartwheels and handstands in her ...


Celia Sandys

Sir Winston Churchill was a well-traveled man. By the time he was twenty-five, his thirst for adventure had taken him to Cuba, India's North-West frontier, ...


Isaac Asimov

Decline and fall of solaria Gladia Delmarre's homeworld, the Spacer planet Solaria, has been abandoned - by its human population. Countless robots remain th...


W. Brian Arthur

Leading scientific theorist W. Brian Arthur puts forth the first complete theory of the origins and evolution of technology, in a major work that achieves for t...


Samuel C. Weaver

J. Fred Weston provides managers and executives with the information they need to understand essential accounting principles, from vocabulary and financial stat...


Bob Carlson

Walking is the most popular, practical and least-injurious form of exercise. Walking for Health, Fitness and Sport shows walkers of all levels, from beginners t...


Beverly Cleary

Newbery Medal winning author Beverly Cleary lovingly chronicles the ups and downs of elementary school woes. This is perfect for fans of Clementine. ;This chapt...