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Aubrey C. Daniels

Bringing Out the Best in People (first released in 1994) explores how positive reinforcement can drive behavioral change and improve performance, whether in a c...


Thomas H. Davenport

All-in On AI (2018) unpacks the critical interplay between human skills and artificial intelligence in driving successful business transformation. It contends t...


Nicholas S. Barnett

7 Business Habits That Drive High Performance (2014) outlines the organizational values and behaviors that drive success. These blinks explore how high-performi...


Keith Keating

The Trusted Learning Advisor (2023) offers an alternative for learning and development professionals to evolve beyond mere order-takers and become trusted learn...


Amy Morin

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do (2014) explains how to develop great mental strength by taking control of your emotions, thoughts, and actions. ...


Sir Ken Robinson

Finding Your Element (2013) offers engaging advice on ways you might discover your true passions and talents, and then reorient your life to incorporate more ti...


Jim Rohn

7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness (1985) lays out an inspiring approach to developing your full potential through discipline and action. Instead of offeri...


Robert T Greene

The 33 Strategies of War (2006) distills the essential lessons of military strategy into a series of memorable vignettes. Drawing on ancient and modern sources,...


Kyle Chayka

Filterworld (2024) dives into the digital age's landscape, where algorithms are the unseen puppeteers of culture, taste, and social interaction. Peel back t...


Robin Sharma

The 5 AM Club (2018) shows how embracing a revolutionary morning routine can deliver epic results. Through the enchanting story of an entrepreneur, an artist, a...


Mauro F. Guillén

2030 (2020) isn’t a crystal ball – but it might be the next best thing. Drawing on current sociological trends, demographic trajectories, and techno...


Clayton M. Christensen , James Allworth

As a leading business expert and cancer survivor, Clayton M. Christensen provides you with his unique insight on how to lead a life that brings both professiona...