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Ranjit Mishra

When Salman Curtis set foot on the steamer bound from London to Calcutta, he had no inkling of the adventures that awaited him as an Anglo-Indian police officer...


Kavita Bhatnagar

Young and dreamy, Priyanka wants to break free from her middle class life to live in the lap of luxury. She is longing for a partner who can pamper her by givin...



Recognize this simple wisdom! The distinction between gold, silver, and bronze medals in a race can be achieved in microseconds. And success is for those who...


Matthew Edeh Sunday

Silent Voices is a collection of love, suspense and glamorized poems. It was carefully selected by two writers whose writing skills has graced the pathway of th...


Mallikarjun B. Mulimani

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, where kingdoms are abound with mystical elements, there lived a prince who was about to begin the journey of his lifetime&m...


Ankit Thakar

"Narrative: This book provides the time tested “Success Mantras” to crease out all that has been standing between you and your life’s big...


Cole Caigas

"If you would play at this moment, would you express the truth?" The story illustrates the life of Serena Florence Foster and the life of the peopl...


Melissa O. Macadat

Poetry transcends various emotions overflowing from a poet’s heart. It is a reflection of the spontaneous bleeding of words recollecting bliss and melanch...


Maria Hestia

Maria Athena Hestia was a simple, kind and broken-hearted lady. Her very first love rejected her for the second time when she confessed her feelings to him. Mak...


Nadia L. Santos

Florante at Laura ni Francisco Balagtas, sino nga ba ang hindi nakadaupang-palad ang klasikong akdang ito? Tula ang pinakamatandang uri ng panitikan sa Pilipina...


Ghulam Murshid

Art, literature, music and other intellectual expressions of a particular society are together regarded as the culture of that society. Ideas, customs and socia...


Julio C Arroyo

Time Will Tell combines various literary styles including prose-poetry and storytelling. An action-adventure novella set in 2006, depicts diverse and colorful c...