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Chaitanya Suri

This is the story of a young unassuming boy, Surya. This is the story of his ineptitude through his adolescence, his discovery of hard-hitting realities of life...


Chibi Cazielle

"“It was a quietness that left the dammed singing. The dead can’t sing, it’s just a deception. Through a breeze, they murmur their tune. ...


Julie Mongado , Kuya Dhenz

"After falling for you, love became mere poetry for me which for an unusually long time was fascinating me with its utopian world.” - Spriha Kant&quo...


Julie Laviña

Unsaid Thoughts is all about the unsaid feelings and emotions of the people she has encountered in her life, all their words that keep on waking her up, that st...



மனிதரின் நுண்ணிய உணர்வுகளை, சில நேரங்களில் வெளிப்படும் அவர...


Oliverio Guzmán Gálvez

LOVE POEMS OF A POET IN LOVE (POEMAS DEAMOR DE UN POETA ENAMORADO) Guatemalan author Olivierio Galvaras is a worthy example to follow! Over the years of h...


Dr Dwijisha Katkar

I wanted it to be a relaxing yet stimulating read. This book is more about the self than the outside world. it explores our various moods; the good, the bad and...

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Tanuja Tarale

This is a mystical new age tale with some esoteric ponderings. It's about two forfeit voyagers Trushna and Samay, the protagonists of this paradox, who came...


Rea Maac

Rice, salt and water Mix it together Taste it Eat it It may be watery It may be too salty No matter how it taste Never throw it It’s essential to make end...


Sairenu Shankar

குற்றாலப் பகுதியில் அமைந்திருக்கும் தன் தோப்பை விற்க முயல...


Arby P. Gorembalem

In this life, none of us knows who make you feel loved. No one will know that the person you admires would ever return your feelings. What if love despises you?...


Maria Jamaica S. Columbres

Ang librong ito ay paunang paglilikom lang ng mga tula ng may-akda. Hinugot nya ang inspirasyon ng mga kanyang mga tula mula sa mga karanasan, tagumpay, pagsubo...