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Meetali Ohri

  "Dogs are known to be powerful therapists, selfless and a strong pillar of support. They heal us when we are in emotional distress, they give us ...


Van Lawrence Umerez

  This is a collection of five short stories that feature different horrors and nightmares. Read to see the dark and disturbing answers ...


Abenezer wondimu Bamud

Hope is The most essential thing in our Life, It is hope of something better that leads and drive our Life, having Hope is The most essential thing in our Life ...


Raju Z Moray

These poems are vignettes of life (or lack of it) as observed by the author, a practicing advocate, with some pathos (and lots of fun) during the key phase of t...


Mhay Aquino

Ano nga ba ang tunay na kahulugan ng buhay? Ito ba’y nasusukat sa kung anong bagay na mayroon tayo?. Ipahahatid ng kwentong ito ang isang ginintuang aral ...


Roshidullah Kyaw Naing

The book “The Painful Life Of Rohingya”— dedicated to all the Rohingya people, one of the persecuted ethnic communities of Myanmar. In 2017 ov...


Chinmay Chakravarty

"...I almost made it. But unfortunately, just at the final moment of exit I accidentally brushed against the goon standing there, and his gun fell to the g...


निक शर्मा

वृंदा तुलसी एक अनाथ और फिल्मी लड़की है, दूसरी तरफ राम एक ऑलमोस्...


Vani Kaushal

Stabbed and lying in a pool of blood next to her killer, Nikita never imagined an end like this. A talented VJ, popular talk show host and national darling, the...


Saayuri Karmarkar

A collection of short stories by little author Saayuri, this book takes you on a journey filled with adventure, magic, fantasy and fun through the eyes of a 9-y...


Navin Reuben Dawson

As the world continues to reel under the devastating effects of SARS CoV-2, the Director General of WHO receives a disturbing code in his inbox. He summons CBI ...


Saiswaroop M. Revankar

The Rib-Tickling and spooky adventure of Sandy Shellstone: The Doll is a story of adventure, horror and comedy. On a stormy night with heavy rain and Sandy Shel...