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Mack Hanan

Accelerated business growth consultant Hanan presents his formula for achieving sales success. Known as "consultative selling," this approach is based upon the ...

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Robert M Fulmer & Jay A Conger

Offers the results of a study of five global leaders in succession planning: Dow Chemical, Dell Computer, Eli Lilly, Pan Canadian Petroleum, and Sonoco.


Price M Cobbs & Judith L Turnock

"Over the last few decades, advances by African-Americans in the business world have been both impressive and well-documented. But even a cursory glance at the ...


Robeert M Fulmer & Marshall Goldsmith

Economies rise and fall. Technologies come and go. But companies that develop outstanding leadership within their ranks can weather any business storm. "Leaders...


Don Maruska

All too often, solving tough work issues can become a tug of war as clashing departments, priorities, personality styles, and other concerns threaten to destroy...

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Rick Mathieson

Camera phones, car GPS locators, EZ-pass, and similar advances are the height of convenience, but the technologies behind them are also powerful tools for major...


Gene Slowinski & Matthew W Sagal

"What does it take to build a successful corporate alliance? The dramatically high failure rate -- estimated at 60 to 75% -- suggests that alliance managers oft...


Jo Owen

There's management as it should be, and then there's management as it is. Thankfully, Management Stripped Bare narrows the gulf between theoretical solutions an...

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Arthur Levitt and Paula Dwyer

In Take on the Street, Arthur Levitt--Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission for eight years under President Clinton--provides the best kind of insi...


Jack J Phillips

The people in a company reflect the investment not only of money, but also of the time dedicated to developing and executing projects and programs. Investing i...


Bacon and Pugh

In their book Winning Behavior, Terry Bacon and David Pugh showed how great companies outperform good ones through "behavioral differentiation" -- going beyond ...

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Jeswald W Salacuse

The most valuable people in and around an organization are often the most difficult to manage. They are the "elites" -- executives, highly educated professional...