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Robert M Fulmer & Jay A Conger

Within the next few years, ""baby boomer"" leaders and managers will be retiring in huge numbers. From the executive suite on down, the chal...

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Price M Cobbs & Judith L Turnock

"Over the last few decades, advances by African-Americans in the business world have been both impressive and well-documented. But even a cursory glance at...


Robeert M Fulmer & Marshall Goldsmith

This is an overview of the best practices in leadership development programmes. It focuses on six exemplary organizations and their varied approaches to leaders...

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Don Maruska

This work gives readers the tools and insights they need to bring out the best in their people, and end unproductive disagreements between departments and indiv...

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Rick Mathieson

Camera phones, car GPS locators, EZ-pass, and similar advances are the height of convenience, but the technologies behind them are also powerful tools for major...


Gene Slowinski & Matthew W Sagal

"What does it take to build a successful corporate alliance? The dramatically high failure rate -- estimated at 60 to 75% -- suggests that alliance manager...


Ian I Mitroff

Do your company and employees have the necessary "IQ" not only to withstand a crisis but also come through it with strength and confidence? Like ma...


Jo Owen

Management with an edge. All too often, management literature is little more than a menu of slogans, fads, and jargon. Owen plows through the good intentions to...

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Jack J Phillips

Foreword by Jac Fitz-enz, author of The ROI of Human Capital The importance of an organization's human capital -- its people -- cannot be overstated or over...


Bacon and Pugh

Terry Bacon and David Pugh showed how great companies outperform good ones through "behavioral differentiation" -- going beyond superior products and ...

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Jeswald W Salacuse

"Whether you were born a leader or have had leadership thrust upon you, you’re in for a whole new set of challenges when managing other leaders. Thin...


John K Clemens & Scott Dalrymple

To be most effective, leaders must move beyond time management to time mastery. Time managers are reliant on clocks and calendars; time masters develop an intui...