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Derm Berrett

This volume asserts that creative problem solving does not stem from safe, linear, or even logical thinking patterns. Instead, it states that it is doing the op...


Dale Brethauer

"Nine in ten new products undergo a rigorous research and development procedure, require new manufacturing processes -- and still never earn a dime! A majo...

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Lisa Davis

"Maria has to present her first budget in less than a month, but she works from 8 to 6 as it is. Pat has to conduct a performance appraisal ...of a very di...

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Martha I Finney

"The borders separating our personal and professional lives blurred considerably after the tragedies of September 11th. More than ever, Americans are quest...


Gregory G Dess Joseph C Picken

Based on research into dozens of organizations from a variety of industries, this text provides managers at all levels with critical insights on how leading edg...


Don R Marshall

If a manager can master the four skills of selecting, directing, evaluating and rewarding people, than, asserts Don Marshall, he or she is well on the way to su...

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Peter Meyer

Finding new markets is the key to eliminating competition and maximizing profits. This title delivers specific strategies for identifying potential new markets,...


David Sears

For any staffing and talent development strategy to be effective, it must be flexible and responsive to market factors and other variables within and outside of...


Alan Downs

Corporate narcissism is described as a relentless pursuit of profit at the expense of employees, this obsession is examined and positive actions to overcome it ...


Brian H Murray

"Leading brands and the intellectual property of successful organizations are increasingly falling victim to hostile tactics from unscrupulous businesses. ...


Ian I . Mitroff & Gus Anagnos

"From tragic accidents to public relations fiascos, we live in an increasingly crisis-ridden society. In fact, half of the major industrial accidents of th...

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Chuck Pettis

In TechnoBrands, Chuck Pettis introduces the first published step-by-step process for building brands. While modern day "branding" has been around for...