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William P Belgard

Shaping the Future provides how-to guidance?as well as examples based on interviews with executives from companies like Boeing, Microsoft, Rockwell-Collins, and...


Derm Berrett

Opposites are all around us. From electron/proton to profit/loss, they are the building blocks from which all reality is constructed. When we learn to put oppos...


Dale Brethauer

Nine in ten new products undergo a rigorous research and development procedure, require new manufacturing processes -- and still never earn a dime! A major reas...

In Circulation

Lisa Davis

"Maria has to present her first budget in less than a month, but she works from 8 to 6 as it is. Pat has to conduct a performance appraisal ...of a very difficu...


Martha I Finney

"The borders separating our personal and professional lives blurred considerably after the tragedies of September 11th. More than ever, Americans are questionin...


Gregory G Dess Joseph C Picken

If companies don't want to be devoured by the lions in today's knowledge-driven, competitive business arena, they must do two things -- develop and retort the "...


Don R Marshall

THE FOUR ELEMENTS OF SUCCESSFUL MANAGEMENT Select * Direct * Evaluate * Reward As management trends and fads swirl around us, it's easy to lose sight of the bas...


Peter Meyer

Finding new markets is the key to eliminating competition and maximizing profits. This title delivers specific strategies for identifying potential new markets,...


David Sears

Like product and service markets, employment markets go up and down, but they never stand still. For any staffing strategy to be effective, it must be responsiv...


William J Rothwell & John E Lindholm

No individual holds a larger or more direct stake in company outcomes than the CEO. Based on extensive interviews with CEOs and other key stakeholders in a myri...


Alan Downs

How can you cure a sickness when you don't know its cause? Many of today's corporations are exhibiting the disturbing symptoms of a hard-to-define illness. You ...


Brian H Murray

"Leading brands and the intellectual property of successful organizations are increasingly falling victim to hostile tactics from unscrupulous businesses. Unwan...