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Phd. William A Cohen

Long considered the world's greatest thinker and writer on management, Peter Drucker's teachings continue to inspire leaders everywhere. From 1975 to 19...

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Gerald Kushel

This guide offers a three-part process for peak performance through self-responsibility, motivation and nurturing. The book includes exercises, scenarios and te...

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Allan J Magrath

"We live in a time of unprecedented market uncertainty, where the order of the day is often disorder," warns author Allan J. Magrath. Breaking through...


Judith M Bardwick

Are Americans too comfortable to do their jobs? Consultant, clinical psychologist and bestselling author Judith Bardwick takes a look at corporate complacency, ...


Brian Tracy

It doesn't matter who you are, what industry you work in, or how well run your company is: from time to time, everyone is hit with a moment in which setback...


Jan Elvin

As a small child, Jan Elvin thought very little about the tin box with the simple inscription her father had brought home from World War II. To her young eyes, ...

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John W. Schilling

When John Schilling, an unassuming mid-level accountant, went to work for the Columbia Hospital Corporation, he never expected to become the catalyst for the se...


Gilbert G Zoghlin

This is a business book with suggestions as what you need to do to be in private business.

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Robert M Tomasko

"Change or die" has become the rallying cry of companies around the globe. But despite these brave words, actual, tangible change often remains an ide...


Jerry Wisinski

The Boss and The Assistant. It's a basic business relationship, and the structure is easy: The Boss gives orders, and The Assistant obeys. But there's a...

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Rafiq Dossani

Once the jewel in the crown of the formidable British Empire, India has been surrounded by myth for years. After gaining independence in 1948, this often misund...


Thomas A. Cook

This is a must-have resource for all sourcing, supply chain, risk management, and import/export professionals. "Global Sourcing Logistics" features to...

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