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Jerry Wisinski

The Boss and The Assistant. It's a basic business relationship, and the structure is easy: The Boss gives orders, and The Assistant obeys. But there's a...

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Rafiq Dossani

Once the jewel in the crown of the formidable British Empire, India has been surrounded by myth for years. After gaining independence in 1948, this often misund...


Thomas A. Cook

This is a must-have resource for all sourcing, supply chain, risk management, and import/export professionals. "Global Sourcing Logistics" features to...

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Thomas R.Horton

This highly personal look at leadership shows how to manage deftly its paradoxes, demands and temptations. Using his own experiences as CEO of American Manageme...


Michelle Segar , Ph. D

We start out with the best intentions. We’re going to exercise more and get in shape! Then five days a week at the gym turns into two...then becomes none....


Todd C Williams

When budgets are dwindling, deadlines passing, and tempers flaring, the usual response is to browbeat the project team and point fingers of blame. Not helpful. ...


Bryan W. Mattimore

Supplying a range of tips, techniques and tales to help business people tap hidden creative strengths, this book enables readers to creatively solve a wide rang...


Craig Settles

Presenting case studies that examine how real people and organizations are actually using wireless techniques, this book features the methodology that the autho...


Charles Higgins Kepner , Hirotsugu Iikubo

Collaboration is the ability to get every employee on board, pooling their knowledge, skills, information, and creativity to address complex problems and focus ...


Robert E. Sibson

Most business leaders agree that achieving high levels of productivity is the key strategic tool for international competitiveness. In this book, the author rej...


Paul Smith

Storytelling has come of age in the business world. Today, many of the most successful companies use storytelling as a leadership tool. At Nike, all senior exec...


Tom Kendrick

It’s no wonder that project managers spend so much time focusing their attention on risk identification. Important projects tend to be time constrained, p...

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