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David Mackintosh & Joey Kaney

Today's top golf writers debate and rank the sport's greatest champions Armed with a veritable who's who of top golf journalists, Golf's Grea...


scott hamilton

This book serves as a step-by-step guide for effectively using an ERP system to run your manufacturing business. Manufacturing initiatives, combined with today&...


Peter Scott Morgan

In The End of Change, Peter Scott-Morgan, author of the best-selling, The Unwritten Rules of the Game, and his colleagues at Arthur D. Little have discovered th...


George M.Piskurich

This one-stop resource explains the advantages and weaknesses of every important training approach in today's bewildering array of classroom techniques, new...

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Frederick Newell

In 2001 the nuber of firms engaging in e-commerce is expected to sky rocket from 600,000 to 2.5 million with more than half a billion people expected to be usin...


Barbara Bund

Drawing on insights from Dell, FedEx and eBay, a leading business innovator shows you how to transform your company, putting customer needs at the center Busine...


Robert Allan

"Anger is one of the most toxic emotions for your heart. Dr. Allan’s program can help stop the cycle of destructive anger. Highly recommended." ...


Meryl Runion

Say what you mean, mean what you say, and talk your way to the top. Communication is the single most important key to a manager's success. What you say - an...

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Allyn Freeman

Considered one of the most influential business leaders of the 20th Century, Alfred P. Sloan created the organisational and marketing approaches that have becom...


Tony Eccles

Anyone can talk about strategic business change. It's one of the hottest topics at management seminars and corporate watering holes. But what matters most i...


Howard Schilit

Techniques to uncover and avoid accounting frauds and scams Inflated profits . . . Suspicious write-offs . . . Shifted expenses . . . These and other dubious fi...

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