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Paul Dempsey & Kevan Reilly

Football has never been richer. Yet the game's new found wealth is proving more of a threat than an opportunity. As the rich clubs get richer, the rest face...


Tom Butler-bowdon

Thousands of books have been written offering the 'secrets' to personal fulfillment and happiness: how to walk The Road Less Traveled, Win Friends and I...


Lester C Thurow

This work analyzes the future of capitalism, and charts a course for surviving and winning in the years ahead. "Survival of the fittest" capitalism st...

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John Blakey-Ian Day

Challenging Coaching is a real-world, timely and provocative book which provides a wake-up call to move beyond the limitations of traditional coaching. Based on...

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Howard Marks

Economies, companies and markets operate in accordance with patterns which are influenced by naturally occurring events combined with human psychology and behav...

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Ian Morrison

Change is the buzzword for today's business leaders. But unless prepared, massive changes in the marketplace can erode a company. This volume introduces a w...


David Lewis , Darren Bridger

Every facet of the new economy, from buzz marketing and new retailing technologies to internet shopping, has dramatically altered not only how we buy but what w...

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Fons Trompenaars , Charles Hampden-Turner

As U.S. organizations continue to explore overseas business opportunities, they will be challenged to adapt to the new market's local characteristics, legis...


Arindam Bhattacharya , Nikolaus Lang

Beyond Great will give readers everywhere the strategies they need to navigate a daunting new era of technological, economic, and social change. Supported ...


Jerry Connor , Karim Hirani

Longlisted for Management Book of the Year 2021 Forbes #1 Book to Help You Improve Your Performance at Work Based on data and insights from over 100k virtual an...


Joseph Cardillo

How to self-regulate and train your brain's attentional mechanism for faster, more accurate, high-quality performance at work. Do you feel like you'r...

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Sarah Turnbull

After backpacking her way around Europe journalist Sarah Turnbull is ready to embark on one last adventure before heading home to Sydney. A chance meeting with ...