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William Bridges

Directed at managers and employees in today's corporations, where change is necessary to revitalise and improve corporate performance, this guide addresses ...


James O'Shea & Charles Madigan

Investment bankers were known as the "masters of the universe" during the 1980s. In the 1990s, that title has been usurped by the major consulting fir...


Rowan Gibson

This volume provides insights from business thinkers on their visions of tomorrow. Powerful new forces are reshaping the world today. Traditional boundaries bet...


Thomas A Stewart

The Wealth of Knowledge takes the intellectual capital bull by the horns and reveals how we can move from intangible capital to real wealth. The problem is that...


Arie De Geus

In The Living Company, the man who introduced the revolutionary concept of the learning organization has turned his attention to identifying the critical c...


Paul Dempsey & Kevan Reilly

Football has never been richer. Yet the game's new found wealth is proving more of a threat than an opportunity. As the rich clubs get richer, the rest face...


John Plender

The British feel insecure, their sense of national identity is uncertain and their belief in national decline remains stubbornly intact. The natural connection ...


Tom Butler-bowdon

Thousands of books have been written offering the 'secrets' to personal fulfillment and happiness: how to walk The Road Less Traveled, Win Friends and I...


Lester C Thurow

This work analyzes the future of capitalism, and charts a course for surviving and winning in the years ahead. "Survival of the fittest" capitalism st...

In Circulation

John Blakey-Ian Day

Challenging Coaching is a real-world, timely and provocative book which provides a wake-up call to move beyond the limitations of traditional coaching. Bas...


Howard Marks

Economies, companies and markets operate in accordance with patterns which are influenced by naturally occurring events combined with human psychology and behav...

In Circulation

Ian Morrison

Change is the buzzword for today's business leaders. But unless prepared, massive changes in the marketplace can erode a company. This volume introduces a w...