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Brette MC Whorter

What options do I have on my path to parenthood? Conceiving your own child is difficult. Innovative technologies in assisted reproduction explore new alterna...


Jarry R. Day , Ed.D.

A daily challenge for today's parents is incorporating positive discipline techniques and practices that put an end to temper tantrums, defiance and meltdow...

In Circulation

Bruce Piasecki

Fifty-one of the world's top 100 economies are now corporations. More than 40 percent of world trade now takes place within multinational corporations. We n...


J.H. Sweet

Henry is a brownie prince who loves Rose, a fairy. Forty years ago, a bitter wizard cursed them. Rose is trapped in a magic painting with only a bear cub for co...

In Circulation

Rebecca Rutledge

Welcome to the wonderful world of toddlers- As your toddler grows and explores the world, every day brings new adventures and bonding opportunities. The P...


Thomas W.

The sixth edition of the 1.7 million-copy bestseller 1-2-3 Magic by internationally acclaimed parenting expert Thomas W. Phelan, Ph.D. compiles two de...


Thomas W. Phelan , Sarah Jane Schonour

Based on the bestselling parenting book 1-2-3 Magic "If you only have time to read one book about managing student behavior, make it this one."...