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Aggie Casey

Prevent, Control, and Manage Heart Disease with This Personalized Mind/Body Program. Based on the innovative Cardiac Wellness Program at the world-renowned M...

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Rafael Aguayo

A noted management consultant argues that a knowledge of such diverse subjects as statistics, chaos theory, ecology, psychology, self- actualization, and the th...


Robert G Allen

Popular speaker, multimillionaire, and author of the all-time bestselling real-estate book "Nothing Down," Robert G. Allen knows how to bring you fina...

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Joel Bakan

The inspiration for the film that won the 2004 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award for Best Documentary, The Corporation contends that the corporati...


Peter Bernstein

When the 1974 recession hit Wall Street, investment professionals desperately turned to academia to help regain the value of their clients' holdings. Bernst...

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Stephanie Capparell

In America's long march toward racial equality, small acts of courage by men and women whose names we don't recall have contributed mightily to our nati...

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Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton

Since its original publication in 2007, the New York Times bestseller The Carrot Principle has received rave reviews in The Wall Street...

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Michael A Cusumano

The world's leading expert on the global software industry and coauthor of the bestseller Microsoft Secrets reveals the inner workings of software giants li...

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Lee Eisenberg

Do you know your Number? What happens if you don't make it to your Number? Do you have a plan? The Number is no ordinary finance book—it offers an int...

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David A Aaker & Erich Joachimsthaler

Management fads come and go in the blink of an eye, but branding is here to stay. Closely watched by the stock market and obsessed over by the biggest companies...


Stedman Graham

Stedman Graham, bestselling author of You Can Make It Happen, teaches that in the 21st century your talent and skills above all else will define your value...


Patrick Hanlon

What is it that made Starbucks an overnight sensation and separated it from other great coffee house companies? Why do many products with great product innovati...

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