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Andrew Breitbart and Mark Ebner

Hollywood, Interrupted is a sometimes frightening, occasionally sad, and frequently hysterical odyssey into the darkest realms of showbiz pathology, the endless...



"Fujio Mitarai is one of the ablest, most clear–sighted corporate chieftains in the global economy today. Whether cutting unprofitable businesses, pursui...

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Bill Bonner and Addision Wiggin

In Empire of Debt, maverick financial writers Bill Bonner and Addison Wiggin provide you with the first in–depth look at how the American character has s...

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John Karolefski & Al Heller

In some parts of the world, especially in developing markets, category management today remains a stretch goal - a new idea full of untapped potential. In other...

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Llyod Allen

"Being Martha is a personal–at times a searingly personal–account of Martha's life from the inside, by a friend. It's fascinating–very anec...


Dave Anderson

This is not your typical business book. You wona t find academic remedies to your business challenges or exhortations to create a warmer and fuzzier workplace. ...


Alexi Venneri

You don't have to be chairman of the Federal Reserve to know that small to midsize businesses (SMB's) are the fastest growing chunk of the U.S. economy....


Michael Bergdahi

What I Learned from Sam Walton unlocks the secrets to Wal-Mart's success and provides answers to these and many other questions. As a former Wal-Mart employ...


Bill Birchsard

With more than $3.7 billion in assets and annual revenue approaching $1 billion, the Nature Conservancy has generated staggering growth that would be the envy o...


Claus Hienrich & Bob Betts

This book introduces the adaptive business network, a new method of business interaction that offers the ability to respond swiftly to changing market condition...

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Alexis Gerard and Bob Goldstein

How and why to make visual communication a powerful competitive tool From digital cameras and camera phones to videoconferencing, visual communication technolo...


Steven M Bragg

"As companies in growing numbers look to outsource functions not related to their core competencies, Bragg's work provides an excellent road map. Demonstrating ...

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