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Nicholas C Burkholder

Outsourcing may well be the hottest topic in both business and the general press, and it's going to stay that way as competition and workforce demands continue ...


Sam Calagione

Entrepreneurial dreams do come true! Starting with nothing more than a home brewing kit, Sam Calagione founded Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and made it America's ...


Jack Challem

In Feed Your Genes Right , renowned nutrition expert Jack Challem translates the hugely exciting science of nutrigenomics––which explores the link b...

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Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton

Like other bestselling business fables, The Invisible Employee combines a good yarn with great business advice and practical guidance for managers. Following a ...


Staurt Crainer

Charles Babbage, On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures (1832)- Meredith Belbin, Management Teams: Why They Succeed or Fail (1984) - Warren Bennis & Burt ...


Peter J Dougherty

"Peter Dougherty does the near--impossible in this brilliant book ...[he] makes economics engaging and accessible." ----Professor Larry J. Sabato, University of...

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Phil Dourado & Dr Phil Blackburn

In today’s business climate where the pace is fast, markets highly competitive and individuals at all levels are encouraged to participate in decision ma...

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Stuart Emmett

Warehouses are often seen as a necessary evil: places that stop the flow of goods and thus increase costs without adding value. But the truth is that they have ...

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Carl E Walter and Fraser J T Howie

Much is written about the various efforts aimed at reforming China’s state–owned enterprises. But in all this literature the Chinese governmentâ...

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Graeme K Deans & Fritz Kroeger

Stretch! shows business leaders how to achieve sustained business growth even in the toughest economic times. A.T. Kearney surveyed some 29,000 global companies...


Dr Bob Froehlich

Investment Megatrends explains the dramatic power and influence of demographic trends on the world of investments. It provides you with a map on the pitfalls an...

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Michael Hugos

This book is organized and laid out to provide information in quickly understandable chapters and in sections within chapters. Each chapter stands on its own an...