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Dr Francis A Menezes

A step-by-step journey into the mysterious world of dreams with India's foremost dream psychologist. In simple, easy to understand language. Dr Francis A. M...


Bill Ricquier

India has given the world some of the most exciting cricketers in the history of the game. This book looks at fifteen of the finest. Besides playing at the very...


Shashi Tharoor , Shashi Tharoor Shaharyar Khan es

Presents the story of the turbulent cricketing relations between India and Pakistan and celebrates the talent of many of their great cricketers.


Sunil Gupta

Living on the 'Adge' in Jhande Walan Thompson is a Bill-Bryson-esque tale of Sunil Gupta's twenty-three-year-long expedition Through the Looking Gla...


Vaibhav Purandare

How did a quiet, unassuming cartoonist at one of India’s leading newspapers transform into the fire-breathing chief of a militant political outfit? How di...

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Alam Srinivas

IPL Cricket And Commerce: An Inside Story aims to give the reader an insight into the Indian Premier League, how it originated, and the processes that go on wit...

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Monisha Rajesh

Discover Venice with this colourful guide published by Bonechi; with pictures and some cultural information this book is the perfect way to travel without leavi...


Habib Rehman

From gentleman cadet to a near-miss as manager of an ice cream factory-to becoming a pioneering figure in the hotel industry, destiny has led Habib Rehman down ...


Rohan Gunaratna

The definitive work on Al Qaeda, this book is based on five years of research, extensive interviews with its members and field research in Al Qaeda supported co...

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Ullekh NP

War Room stands out as an example of real field work and rigorous research. Anyone who wants to understand how decisions are made in India should read this bril...