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Navaneel Kar

Moonrise and Memories is an eclectic collection of contemporary poetry covering themes like Love, Life, Nature and Mindfulness. The poems are observational in n...


Shahin Ashraf Ali

Koki is a young student, perhaps as old as you. One very warm summer morning, the neem tree growing in her compound seemed to have spoken to her!  What did...

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Hira Mehta

Are you still wondering why you have no control over your own life? Are you still grappling with ‘what next’ as a senior? In this book, author Hira ...

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Aamer Baig

Ziva never thought that Aryan would be the "definition" of her life until he made her the "Maya" of his life. She jumped with happiness at h...


Tarang Sinha

Paridhi Mathur, dusky, beautiful, and single, is doing everything to keep her academic records high and her love life nil, but lady luck keeps frowning at her. ...

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Inderjit Kaur

"Patience helps you endure all the troubles and issues that bother you. When you reach a stage, where the only remaining option is to release the things th...

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Govind Sharma

Summary of the Book Amrit is an honest and aggressive police officer who is driven by a desire to rid society of criminals. His virtuous campaign is impeded ...

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Chayashree Pathak

Whose fault was it that they were in love―just not with each other? To the world, Shreya is career-oriented, fiery, straightforward, and a no-nonsense go-g...

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The death by gunshot of a powerful and controversial District Magistrate brings in the idealistic and puritanical DSP Arjun Iyer to the District Magistrate'...

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Vinayak Jakati

Inspired by his childhood friend, Arjun, Darshan risks everything for his dreams and runs into his worst nightmare - almost throwing away his career, marriage, ...

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