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Julia James & Natasha Oakely

"Three precious bundles of joy bring three couples together...""The Greek and the Single Mum"" is by Julia James. For Greek tycoon Xander Anaketos only money ta...

In Circulation

Karen Anders

Her skin was that pale porcelain that seemed to glow from some kind of inner light. Even in a photograph, her eyes were a deep mesmerizing blue and seemed to su...


Amy Andrews

"Colleagues:GP Madeline Harrington makes it very clear to her new neighbour Dr. Marcus Hunt that she doesn't like his approach to medicine,dosen't like this lai...

In Circulation

Dawn Atkins

All it takes is a little temptation There’s an instant attraction between Jackson McCall and Heidi Fields when she shows up on his doorstep. Thereâ�...

In Circulation

Jackie Braun

Would the most precious gift of all save their marriage? Reese Newcastle and her husband, Duncan, used to be able to finish one another's sentences. Now, neithe...


Candace Camp

Only one person ever treated Juliana Holcott with anything other than disdain–Nicholas Barre, the orphaned heir to the estate where she spent her childho...


Marisa Carroll

His ex-wife was back…with a new proposal. Nate felt as if he was at the centre of an out-of-control storm. Sarah. Here on his doorstep. The last person h...


Maggie Cox

Spanish film director Leandro Reyes's handsome features and commanding presence made women go weak at the knees. But he made Isabella feel as if she was differe...


Anna Destefano

You can’t run forever… Deputy Tony Rivers is, on the surface, outgoing and easy – a good-looking man who has had too much fun to settle d...

In Circulation

Robyn Donald

The passionate prince— When Prince Marco Considine sees model Jacoba Sinclair, he wants her— The supercool supermodel— But Jacoba...


Diane Gaston

Jameson Flynn is a man with a mission. Nothing will knock him off course. Until one summer's evening in Vauxhall Gardens, when a woman's song reminds him of the...


Lori Handeland

Bobby Luchetti, a U.S. Special forces officer returns home from the middle-east to find that his brother has married the woman he loves. While taking a break, f...