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Kate Walker

Dark, proud and sinfully gorgeous, Guido Corsentino is determined to reclaim his wife! Outwardly, Amber is perfect and untouchable, but Guido knows the passiona...


Margaret Way

Cattle rancher Rory Compton isn't looking for love—but he is looking for a wife. He wants a partner who will settle down with him in the Outback, a pract...


Trish Wylie

"He's back—for the valentine he never should have let go… When Kane Healey had to fight the hardest battle of his life, he learned the true mean...


Tessa Radley

"""I'm having your baby."" They were words she would never speak to her lover, Ryan Blackstone, Australia's richest gem dealer. For Jessica Cotter was his secr...


Katherine Garbera

He moved in a world of power and privilege. She was merely his assistant. But that didn't stop Sheri Donnelly from falling for her charming playboy boss, French...


Barbara McMahon

"Riding into the sunset with a sheikh! When photographer Lisa Sullinger injures herself while exploring alone in the harsh desert of Moquansaid, she thinks it'...

In Circulation

Cathy Williams

Nick Papaeliou dates beautiful women, so his attraction to frumpy Rose is a mystery. Maybe it's because she's not falling at his feet! Rose wants to detest h...

In Circulation

Julia James

In order to take control of a family-owned company, Allesandro must marry the aging owner's illegitimate English granddaughter, whose less-than-stellar looks an...

In Circulation

Lynne Graham

He's discovered she's his baby's mother--so now she'll be his bride Maribel was a shy virgin when she and handsome Leonidas Pallis shared a night of passion. ...


Sara Craven

"Harriet Flint must marry before she's twenty-five if she is to claim her inheritance. She turns to sexy Roan Zandros, who agrees to a marriage in name only. ...


Anne Mather

"When Juliet meets broodingly handsome Italian Raphael Marchese, there is an instant and dangerous attraction between them. But because of the pretense Juliet h...