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Dade Hayes & Jonathan Bing

Opening weekend is a battle for the hearts and minds (and wallets) of American moviegoers. In Open Wide, Dade Hayes and Jonathan Bing expose the blockbuster fac...


Marshall Fine

In the world of independent filmmaking, John Cassavetes became the prototypical outsider fighting the system for much of his career. A major star of live televi...

In Circulation

Farah Pahlavi

A moving story of the former Empress of Iran -- now in paperback.At the age of twenty-one, Farah Diba married the Shah of Iran, Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi. A lo...

In Circulation

Malika Oufkir

A gripping memoir that reads like a political thriller--the story of Malika Oufkir's turbulent and remarkable life. Born in 1953, Malika Oufkir was the elde...