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Tahira Kashyap , Ayushmann Khurrana

बॉलीवूडची चमचमती दुनिया, त्यातील? नाट्य तुम्हाला भावत असेल, ...


Kiran Bhat , Sekhar Seshan

Business is about passion, perseverance and continuously reinventing yourself. This book gives some remarkable examples of great entrepreneurs, who started with...


Sahar Quaze , Faraaz Kazi

Azhar Siddiqui is your average not-so-good-looking but pure-at-heart kind of a guy who always believes that his true love is somewhere out there, waiting for hi...

In Circulation


Do men and women really belong to Mars and Venus? Or is it time that they abandon those planets and land where they truly belong….mother earth? Have we a...

In Circulation

Aparna Sharma

The single-most competitive edge for an organization is its people. However, many times organizations fall short of managing their people well, probably because...


Randip Sahu

The Honour Code is a collection of fourteen stories. In the Flash and Tiny Fiction, the author explores the challenge of storytelling in fewer words with deligh...


Avinash Thorat

अजित डोवाल यांचे मराठीतील पहिलेच चरित्र. उरी हल्ल्यानंतरच्...


lata Gwalani

A most unusual story of love. Do relationships built upon the one foundation that relationships must never be built on – secrets – really crumble...


Vasant K Saraf

लेखकाने या पुस्तकात असे प्रतिपादित केले आहे की , समाज पोलिसा...


Dr. Keshavanand Das

A Synopsis of 12 important aspects of leadership which are very essential to grow. Targeted at an audience that can’t understand the mumbo-jumbo of psycho...


Shambu jayachandran

A mother is searching for her daughter in the land of her birth... Amy Ray arrives in Kolkata looking for her daughter from whom she has been alienated for a wh...



How long would you hold on to a Dream? What if destiny paves its own way, away from it? In such dark days, would you part or stand apart? Gaming fanatic Monty a...