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Dr. Ravi Bapat & Dr. Kamaxi Bhate

As per the statistics provided by the World Health Organisation, approximately 70 percent of illnesses do not require medication. Simple home remedies can help ...

In Circulation

Mandeep Singh

योगाचा मूळ उद्देश व्यक्तिला सर्वोच्च 'स्व' प्राप्त व्हाव...

In Circulation

Girish Joshi

मुंबई काल आणि आज ऎतिहासिक आकलन आणि समकालीन आव्हानं


Utkarsh Patel

Kinaki s Anklet is a near-adaptation of the Shilappadikaram, a masterpiece of the Sangam literature that showcased Tamil life and culture in its full splendor. ...


Veena Gavankar

वयाच्या सत्तरी उलटल्यानंतर ती पंतप्रधान होते. आंतरराष्ट्री...


Harish Shivdasani

Using a unique, under the skin approach, leadership has been conceptualized as a primary drive or a powerful need to take responsibility for changing the direct...


Mandip Singh

This book explains the technique and benefits of a simple yoga routine in a precise and easy-to-follow format. Yoga is practiced by millions all around the worl...



Home Remedies is an informative book that provides an exhaustive list of common ailments and natural cures for treating them. The remedies suggested are easy to...


S.K. Kulkarni

Traditionally, ageing in India was not a problem largely because of the strong family structure. However, change is an essential feature of any society and in I...