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Kk Mohaptra & Leelawati Mohaptra

"The first Oriya short story to be published was Rebati by Fakir Mohan Senapati in 1898. It marked the emergence of a new literary form out of a long tradi...


Amita Kanekar

A Spoke in the Wheel is an epic story alternating between two narratives -- the story of the Buddha himself, and his times, told not as frozen legend, but broug...


Shivani Singh

Shivani Singh is a lushly over-written family intrigue, set in the corridors of Sirikit palace just before Independence, its air heavy with adjectives and pedig...


Seema Sirohi

Dowry deaths have disappeared from the national consciousness even though thousands of women continue to be burnt, poisoned, electrocuted or are forced to commi...


Dalai Lama

Imagine having two minutes with the Dalai Lama offering you personal advice on how you could live your life better, overcome your problems, be more joyful and c...

In Circulation

Mukul Deva

Iqbal, a simple Muslim boy from Aligarh, is lured across the border into Pakistan to join the ranks of the notorious Lashkar-e-Tobias, one of the most dreaded I...


Porus Munshi

India is known as a country not of innovation but of improvisation-or 'Jugaad', as they say in Hindi. But that has begun to change. We have enough examp...


Victor Rangel Ribeiro

The 12 stories collected here transport the reader back and forth from the villages and towns of India's west coast to life in the concrete canyons of New Y...


Jayabrato Chatterjee

The London of 1895 – at Oscar Wilde, Gilbert and Sullivan operas, an seductive West end actresses. Nikesh Mitra is only nineteen when he steps into this d...


Ravinder Singh

It's been twelve years since Happy, MP, Raamji and Ravin graduated. Well into their married lives, they realize that none of them had a bachelor party befor...

In Circulation

Bhawana Somaaya

A take on the reel lives of actors and directors What do stars make of a certain role? How do they prepare? What do they think and feel? Beyond the grease...


Gita Aravamudan

The baby makers are many. The couples who supply the genetic material, the embryologists who create test-tube babies, the gynecologists who insert embryos into ...