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J. P. Vaswani

Life may be short, but it need not be small! How can we live such a life? How can we light up the brilliant flame of true living? This title shows us the way of...

In Circulation

Mary Joseph

The tales from this charmingly illustrated series come largely from a large collection of classic fairy tales that have captured the imaginations of children th...


Sumeet Sharma

Many of the techniques of alternative healing that have become popular today trace their origin to ancient systems of knowledge. Their scientific basis and rele...


Dr. H. K. Chopra

A guide on how to achieve a balance between mind and body and prevent the occurrence of stress-related diseases like hypertension, obesity, diabetes and heart d...

In Circulation

Vas Gratian

Riddles A riddle is a puzzling question or a proposition put in obscureor ambiguous terms to puzzle you or make you exercise youringenuity in discovering its me...

In Circulation

Shar Levine & Leslie Johnatone

Give kids a head start on science with simple experiments and activities that have been designed specifically for young scientists and require only minimal adul...