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Peter Tanous

Does it pay to try to beat the market? In this volume, the author contrasts interviews with investment advisors who don't think the market can be beaten and...

In Circulation

Mark Leibovich

Drawn from interviews with friends, childhood mentors, family, former bosses, classmates, colleagues, and rivals who have known these powerful individuals at di...


Satyajit Das

I had been in derivatives for over 25 years. Many traders hadn't been born when I stumbled accidentally into the arcane world of derivatives trading. The In...

In Circulation

Russell L. Ackoff , Daniel Greenberg

In the age of the Internet, we educate people much as we did during the Industrial Revolution. We educate them for a world that no longer exists, instilling val...


Luis M. B. Cabral

This book provides an issue-driven introduction to industrial organization. Over the past twenty years, the study of industrial organization--the analysis of...


Sanjiv Augustine

The popularity of agile development methodologies continues to increase, as developers and technical managers have seen the benefits of incorporating flex...


Gini Graham Scott

If you have ever wanted to be your own boss and earn $ 50,000 or more a month, success in multi-level marketing is the book for you! This complete and easy-to-u...


Pradeep Hari Pendse

With the growth of the industry and the resulting size and complexity of IT projects, there is an increasing trend to separate the technical roles associated wi...

In Circulation

Emmett C. Murphy , Michael Snell

The text that explores the traits of leadership symbolized by one of the greatest Native American heroes. Analyzing Sitting Bull's heroic and successful lea...


Andy Boynton , Bill Fischer

"A fascinating study of creative teamwork. The final chapter on how to "turbo-charge" less-than-exceptional teams is worth the cover price of the...