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Ketan Joshi

New recruits who join the Marketing Department face a strange problem. They learn a lot of concepts - branding, segmentation, positioning, decision trees, compe...

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Dharmesh S Jain

There is a Winner in You is a compilation of quotes from one of the greatest motivators and businessmen of our time. This is book is for anybody who wants the m...

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Jagdeep Kapoor

This work analyses the concept of brand segmentation with detailed case studies and presentations. Would it not be foolish to try and sell a comb to a bald man ...

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carol kinsey goman

This book provides a working plan on ways to revitalize an organisation. It is about meeting current challenges head on and releasing employee potential to rise...


Vincent M. Roazzi

THE SPIRITUALITY OF SUCCESS is broken into 35 small chapters that are intended to be absorbed one chapter per day, so by month's end you will have absorbed ...

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Nita Berry

A collection of fascinating folk tales from different states of India, perpetuated through the oral tradition of story-telling. Retold several times over, these...

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This book is a collection of true-life stories. The author highlights what separates the achievers from the rest. The author convincingly demonstrates how to ch...