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The stories in Gulzar's first ever short collection in English have a distinct cameo quality, reflected in each story's subject matter and narrative sty...


Apurva Purohit

Today's woman wants to make a success of both family and career and is unwilling to compromise on either. But the burden of coping with deadlines, recalcitr...


Kavita Kane

Picking up a slice of Mahabharata, the epic tale of fight good and evil, justice and injustice , Karata and Panda’s, Kavita Kane, the author, narrates the...


Virginia Woolf

In Woolf's first novel The Journey Out, we meet the Dalloway’s briefly. Clarissa Dalloway is essentially the same woman, only in this novel she comes ...

In Circulation

Kartik Iyengar

Bring it on, Helga, we will HOP you like a hurricane! We, the morons of Planet Earth, shall save the world and 22 December 2012 will be the dawn of a brave new ...


Apurv Nagpal

Eighteen Plus: Bedtime Stories. For Grown-Ups is a raunchy collection of short stories that will make you roll on the floor with laughter. Filled with vivid des...


Madhuri Banerjee

Scandalous Housewives: Mumbai, written by Madhuri Banerjee, is a story about honest and brave housewives in Mumbai. These women are in search of love and are un...


Shobha Narayan

In this intimate and remarkably candid memoir, Shoba Narayan, the author of Monsoon Diary, records her dilemma-ridden life as an immigrant straddling two cultur...


Tuhin A Sinha

What makes strangers fall in love? This remains a conundrum—one that neither technological breakthroughs, nor the most passionate of lovers has managed to...


Nilesh Rathod

An insider’s view into what goes on behind the glittering façade of corporate stardom, Destiny of Shattered Dreams is a fast-paced tale of a brilli...


Jairam Ramesh

book excerpt …after a decision had been taken to devalue the indian rupee, manmohan singh had written to narasimha rao. he was worried that his person...


Chetan Bhagat

Hi. I’m Radhika Mehta and I’m getting married this week. I work at Goldman Sachs, an investment bank. Thank you for reading my story. However, let m...