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Arun Mirchandani

Sanjay Sanghvi is a single, urban Indian homosexual counting the last few minutes of his life. As his body clock nears to its last click. His chronicles here wi...


M P Prabhakaran

I travel, therefore I am apologies to Descartes for twisting his noble thought. This is how M.P. Prabhakaran explains his passion for travel. In terms of academ...


Tanvir Malik

This rare, enchanting collections of short stories from Bangladesh is a long and hard, but very compassionate, look at all that constitutes the life of a nation...


Karthikeyan Balasubramanian

To Nature with Love is a fictional research into the intricacies of human minds, which take different moulded shapes in response to the stigmata of the society ...


Vidit Chopra

The Fanatic Four, as one can make out from the title, is a story about four best friends: Visit, Kashan, Madan and Vikrant. They hate being bookworms like other...


Amitava Chaudhuri

Summit, recently married and armed with his qualifications, moves from Lucknow to a job in Bombay. As he tries to cope with the pulls of family and work, the...

In Circulation

Satyajit Deshmukh

Kartik is a young and handsome boy studying for the final year at an engineering college. He does not have money, but his looks and dynamism attract the girls. ...


Arya Kamal

Lovebytes is not a mere story, it is an understanding. The reader than an unwritten character, living it from within. Lovebytes is an effort to describe the ete...


Seema Aarella

Seema Aarella was born on 19 March 1979, in the heritage city of Kolar at the southern tip of Karnataka. Kolar is a city with a blend of glorious past and devel...


Ratinder Jhaj

Within the corridors of India s top medical institutes, each step can become a matter of life or death. Kabir, Naima, Tarachand and Chaya forge lifelong friends...


Priya K

Neha Sharma's search for the last land of Atlantis leads her and Paleontologist Nick Halliday on the adventure of their lives.Lemuria flourishing, vibrant l...

In Circulation

Ranjita Sunny Thomas

Kodac lives a normal life, with a nagging sister and a mother hell- bent on disciplining kids. Will his life, he often wonders, be like this forever - dull, lon...