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In Sundara Kaanda of the Ramayana, Hanuman takes the most perilous leap across cryptic waters... And Baabi is no less; always leaping over unmapped troubles. ...


k.c. Agarwal

This book is an ambitious attempt to explore ways to strengthen India economically, politically and spiritually and make it one of the most powerful and flouris...


Sabarna Roy

Intense, morbid, stark, realistic, thought-provoking and unputdownable are the words that come to mind when you read Sabarna Roy’s latest book: ‘Thi...


Abbas Abidi

Haven’t you always wondered what will happen if you leave this current life you are living, and set out to explore the unknown; go on a nomadic journey th...


Pushpak Sarkar

A light-hearted and funny novel that takes you back on a delightful journey from childhood to adolescence, bringing back memories of those early years when inno...


Ritika Kashyap

The world can seem like a great place for some people but for some, it's a living nightmare. It feels like no matter where they go, trouble follows them. Th...


Sandeep Mathew

Raj was a prodigy. He was witty, sharp-tongued and charming; the nonpareil from his school expected to do something fabulous with his life. At the very least, t...


Sumeet S. Navalkar

Weltri attempts to ascertain some facts by travelling to the future, but when he returns, events in his present take a different turn. Did he change anything in...


K N Raghavan

How are some managers able to accomplish their task with ease and elan, while others fall behind? Ramayana, renowned as one of the two great epics of our lan...


Laleeta Tongo

IF I KNEW I WAS A WRITER TOO – This was never meant to be a book, as Laleeta wrote these expressions recollecting her journey as a writer. She just wan...


Indrani Sinha

Anup and Pia have been together for some time, while their friends Rahul and Poonam are just beginning to know each other. As the two young couples spend time t...


Irfan Alam

Love is to bear all the pain as a mother giving birth. How could it be different for Love which gives birth to a new Self? This compendium of poetry entitled, &...