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Kamakshi Murti

It’s difficult enough being a teenage girl. Add to that being an immigrant, and then having a disability as well. That’s life for both Yasemin and N...


Mokshda Jailkhani

“OVERDUE CONVERSATIONS” is a collection of short, heartwarming, feel-good prose pieces that will have readers living a little bit of life with ...


Ashish Karwasra

Ashish’s muscular dystrophy has diminished his mobility and in a few short years, it would leave him to lead a life on wheelchair. Before it would happen,...


Almas Hussain

Even the gentlest of people can go rogue.  It’s just a matter of how far one is pushed. At 30, small-town mom Damini was living an idyllic life...


Karanbir Singh

Step into a realm where words become ethereal threads, weaving tapestries of emotion and enchantment. The delicate dance of experience, memory, and limitless im...


Raghavan Srinivasan

This is the first volume of a 2-part series, a bio-historical fiction, centred in Madras and covering a period of 4 decades from the late 1920s. Raju, the ma...


Satyam Srivastava

"You can Run. You can Hide. But you can't escape Fate! I was just a millennial, a petty criminal on the run when I accidently landed on a mysteri...


Sreekant Narayan

When Aditya Narayan, a young software engineer from India, meets Laila, a beautiful Pakistani girl, on the beaches of Pattaya, little does he care about her nat...


Amruta Krishnan Srinivasan

Set in Animal Realm where magic and the wild are beautifully interwoven, this book delves into the ethics of meddling with nature even if it is for a good cause...


Mriana Sanash

Meet commitment-phobic Mahira, a bridal wear designer, whose idea of fun is pub-hopping and meeting cute guys on Tinder; until she meets Anirudh. Meet boy-ne...


Arya Goswami

What would you do if the past comes knocking on your door? How would you decide whether to go back or move on? ‘Forever a Maybe’ is a captivating...


Shreyas Bhave

MARATHA SWARAJYA, 1665 The Fort of Purandar is under siege by a huge Mughal army, led by the ruthless Afghan leader Dilerkhan, and the much feted Rajput Comm...