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Shailesh Kumar

Step into the world of Shiva and experience his journey from a young schoolboy to a JEE aspirant in a tale of resilience, love, and self-discovery. Set against ...


Jayneet Patel

BIRTH OF KINGS is a modern-day retelling of the dramatic events that unfold in the first part of the Mahabharata – the ancient Sanskrit text that is regar...


Avijit Mitra

A young woman’s body is found in the mangroves bordering Lokhandwala, the prosperous suburb of Mumbai. Who is she? Jenny finds an abandoned car on the ...


Kartikey Grover

This anthology consists of 70 poems taking deep inspiration from nature and personifying it to express subtle emotions and moments from daily life. The poetry p...


Ravi Valluri

Bombay Review & Other Stories is a collection of stories inspired by real life incidents. The stories are woven around tales of drama, romance, unrequited l...



The Larceny of Fate, is an engrossing literary story that will make you fathom the perseverance that a child makes in order to overcome an identity crisis. T...


Pratik Bhamre

In the dawn of Kaliyuga, the world edges toward its twilight, perched on the brink of oblivion. After ages of silent stillness, ancient forces, veiled beyond th...


L.A. Nolan

Alex Crossman is back in the saddle in this fast-paced thriller that delves deep into the world of motorcycle clubs, brotherhood, and betrayal.  After the...


Hornbill Harcel

“Tragedy of heart, tranquility of soul.” Where the Piopios Sing is an immersive collection of poems and excerpts from wayward letters and diaries t...


J.U. Menon

The ancient kingdom of Jālaka is without an heir. Its hope rests with the eldest Rajkumari, who must, in time, produce a successor to the throne. But what if t...


Kaustav Mukherjee

The Sinister Me is a relentlessly surprising sci-fi thriller. Ravi, a manager at 6-Sigma consultancy, had been living a seemingly perfect life with his wife Riy...


Rithwik Kabir Shivnani

Are Science & Religion two sides of the same coin? Two brothers of the same mother? Born of curiosity did they take two different paths in pursuit of the...