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Kamal Nath

For the first time a political insider reveals the strategy behind India's economic growth-and its future in the global market Kamal Nath, the country...


A. G. Krishnamurthy

With moderate beginnings from a small town in Gujarat to the founder of India's first privately owned Fortune 500 company, Dhirubhai is a quintessential s...


Prahalad Krishnan

From the greatest minds in business today comes a groundbreaking new blueprint for executing the next stage of customer-created value. C.K. Prahalad, the world&...


Parag Parikh

"When others are greedy be fearful and when others are fearful be greedy"-ill-timed bouts of greed and fear among investors make stock markets volatil...

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Bill Lane

Bill Lane was Jack Welch's speechwriter for 20 years. In the first book by a GE insider, Lane shows that the real secret to Welch's immense success as a...


Dianna Booher

Convey Your Message Clearly, Credibly, and Competently! Fortune 500 consultant Dianna Booher is one of the world's foremost authorities on public speakin...


Klein Darst

“They laid out a road map forinvesting that I have now beenfollowing for 57 years. There’s beenno reason to look for another.” ―Warren Bu...

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Kenichi Ohmae

A classic of management literature... The Mind of the Strategist “A fascinating window into the mind of one of Japan’s premier strategists&hel...


Robert Slater

Offers an inside look at the Jack Welch era at General Electric and outlines the techniques, tools, and strategies needed to focus a business on progress and gr...


Gary Hamel C K Prahalad

"All told, it's a recipe for a future best-seller... Hamel and Prahalad lay out questions managers must be asking to gain a point of view about t...


Lell Lowndes

Become a master communicator and succeed in life, love, and business Have you ever admired those successful people who seem to have it all? You see them chattin...

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Bradley J Sugars

From the international go-to guys in small business know-how: Your source for the strategies, skills and confidence every business owner needs to succeed ...