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Udai Pareek

Instruments are tools used to assess, appraise and evaluate various aspects of the human behaviour, which ranges from simple to complex!. They are also used for...


Granville Toogood

A hands-on action plan, The Articulate Executive in Action is full of examples of leading executives and the communication tactics that create their success. Th...

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Pete Pande

The First Six Sigma Primer Written Especially for Employees Six Sigma has gained an avid following among executives and managers for its ability to reduce cy...


Dave Ulrich Wendy Ulrich

Before you ask, "Why aren't my employees working harder?" . . . ask yourself, "Why are my employees working?" ADVANCE PRAISE FOR THE ...


John W.Newstrom

Look on any trainer's bookshelf and most likely you'll find all three of the earlier "Games Trainers Play" books - well-used and well-loved. T...

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Sam Stovall

“Sell in May, and then go away.” It's an old saying, but this Wall Street adage is as relevant today as when it was first uttered. It worked ...


Michael Maginn

these quick reads, based on br>McGraw-Hill bestsellers, are designed to meet the needs of busy people. Titles in the series focus on each book's main the...


Robert Slater

Get inside the mind of Jack Welch, GE's bold innovator. "Jack Welch is a genius at making all who work for him raise the level of their game. We'...

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Mark Potts & PeterBehr

This penetrating study of top management, its problems and its future may prove revealing to executives at all levels. Potts, business editor of the San Francis...


Brian Tracy

Time management is the biggest problem most of us face today. Whether it is our personal or professional times, the best of us have been caught procrastinating ...

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Ganesh Shermon

To say that the global financial world is in turmoil would be a cliché. Over the last one year, we have seen bankruptcies, stock market crashes, job loss...