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Akhil Marfatia

Win For Life.......The whole world loves a winner. Winners tread in the stratospheric realms and all the fame and fortune seem to gravitate to them. This winnin...


lilly walters

The world's top speakers and motivators reveal how they work their magic. Discover what motivates some of the world's most famous speakers to develop th...


thomas Wilson

Praise for the First Edition of INNOVATIVE REWARD SYSTEMS FOR THE CHANGING WORKPLACE “Content rich and yet very easy to read.” ---Lou Richman,...



Project Management gives you proven guidance in both the science and art of becoming an effective project manager, from coordinating and documenting the work to...

In Circulation

John colley

A comprehensive overview of one of today's most important and controversial topics The need for sound corporate governance is the #1 item on many people'...


Philip Crosby

One of the Best-Selling Books on Quality Ever WrittenQUALITY WITHOUT TEARS Find out why this book has sold more than 400,000 copies, and why its author, Phil...


Marlene Caroselli

Inspired meetings are the lifeblood of a strong, innovative organization. The Big Book of Meeting Games provides meeting leaders with challenging and entertaini...


Ginger Lapid Bogda

Used by such organizations as the Walt Disney Company, Cisco Systems, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the CIA, the Enneagram is a proven psychological system base...


Robert Epstein

A research-proven, innovative, and fun approach to stress relief and relaxation These quick games, exercises, and activities provide fast, fun stress relief ...


peter economy

"Customer Service is all about serving your customer - treating her in the very same way that you yourself would want to be treated. This book includes the...


Bruce R.Ellig

Strategies for gaining a powerful edge in the executive talent wars The competition for executive talent is fierce, making it imperative that executive compensa...


Udai Pareek

Training Instruments for HRD and OD contains a repertoire of psychological tests, questionnaires, self-evaluation tests, projective techniques and other instrum...