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The Sewing Leader uses a parable to outline the basics of servant leadership, yet all of the book's characters are based on real people, the organizations d...


Paul N Friga

The third volume in the internationally bestselling McKinsey Trilogy, The McKinsey Engagement is an action guide to realizing the consistently high level of bus...

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Arup Roy Choudhury

Management By Idiots is a book talks about those people who are willing to think differently. The book gives readers details on the necessary things one needs t...


Ken Blanchard

Use What You Learn and Change Your Life! Why is it that so many things we try so hard learn just don't stick? Because we spend all our energy on learning ne...

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Kerry Patterson , Ron McMillan , Joseph Grenny , Al Switzler

When stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong, you have three choices: Avoid a crucial conversation and suffer the consequences; handle the conve...

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Robert J , Barbera

CNBC regular Robert J. Barbera offers a crystal clear explanation of the financial market crisis of 2008 While mainstream financial analysts are stringing to...


Jacob Morgan

While there are few guarantees in business these days, there is one simple truth we can all agree upon: Companies that embrace social and collaborative technolo...

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Linda Richardson

Make the leap from manager to sales coach today! Sales coaching is a powerful tool. It can forge partnerships, cement relationships, and multiply sales. It can ...


Shivanand Kanavi

Sand to Silicon is just such an attempt an excursion into the past to see how these technologies were developed and the role played by the Indian scientists and...


Rajan Saxena

This book depicts marketing in contemporary and future India by providing a clear understanding of the marketing concepts, with due emphasis on developing appli...