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Robert Slater

Jack Welch built GE into the most successful American corporation of the late 20th century. He accomplished this by focusing on quality, insisting on innovation...


John De Vincentis & Neil Rackham

In today's markets, success no longer depends on communicating the value of products or services. It rests on the crucial ability to create value for custom...


Darlene Coker , Kathleen Murray & Ed Del Gaizo

"A must-read for the business leader of today and tomorrow." - John G. O'Neill, Vice President, 3M Canada. "High Performance Sales Organizati...


A G Krishnamurthy

Dhirubhai and Reliance's success have been so phenomenal that most people are unable to see beyond he glitter of their wealth. Dhirubhai's success was b...

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Dan Volitich

Develop, deploy, and maintain a complete BI solution across your enterprise. This official guide provides step-by-step instructions on developing, maintaining, ...


Danny Cox & John Hoover

Effective leaders are at their best when pressure is the highest. Leadership When the Heat`s On provides you with hands-on techniques for infusing your company ...


Shrinivas Pandit

While there are books available on how to find a job in a traditional market based on jobs, there is nothing to help you navigate your life in the dejobbed econ...


Ann Louise Gittleman

FINALLY, A DIET PLAN THAT BUILDS A BRIDGE BETWEEN BEAUTY AND HEALTH ! If you're like most people, you're probably thoroughly confused when it comes t...


Michael K. Allio , Robert J. Allio

Family businesses are an extraordinary force in the global economy, and they are blessed with a number of virtues that enhance their performance. At the same ti...


Harvard Business Review

With concern for environmental issues growing, defining the controversial relationship between business and the environment has become more essential. This c...


Leil Lowndes

Some people, regardless of money, education, looks or personality, make an impression wherever they go - they are master communicators, and everyone enjoys talk...

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