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Dhruv Maloo

If you have been best friends, does love ever stand a chance? SAMAR - A passionate cartoonist and a hopeless romantic, he thinks mostly from the heart. ...


Swapna Dutta

Eight-year-old Tinku is geared up for a good time in her school hostel while her parents travel to London for a conference. Instead, in a strange turn of events...


Shikhi Sharma

God gives responsibilities to those who have the ability to fulfil them. I feel I am one of those blessed ones. When one of Ajay’s twin sons Tapasvi is d...


Kamini Kusum

Flight Lieutenant Aman Arya is a dedicated and handsome officer who is involved in a critical and confidential project. His life takes a pleasant turn when meet...


Mansi Kashyap

Jasmeet Sethi, lovingly called Jessi, is a young and free-spirited girl. Her life takes a new turn when she moves to Delhi from London. Excited by this adventur...


Smarak Swain

Digyen Burmah is a forensic auditor and corporate spy. An old friend needs his help in finding his wife and co-worker, who mysteriously vanished during an offic...


Mazin Iqbal

Boe Calliper is a man who is perfectly content with the monotony of his life. He goes about his routine happily every day until he experiences a series of stran...


Nair J. Rajasekharan

Did you know that the CIA had sabotaged ISRO’s top secret operation to transfer cryogenic rocket technology from Russia to India? Ever wondered what is...


GP Juhi

What happens when Cupid transcends the barriers of the virtual world and strikes the heart of two gamers? Rishabh Kulkarni and Samira Patel, also known as Kr...


Arun Singh

“Rohan, you are a romantic person. You will fall in love easily. But, falling out of love will be a transformative journey for you.” Rohan’...


Napoleon Hill , George S Clason

Are you a dreamer? Is shortage of money stopping you from realising your dreams? Do you wish to master the art of creating wealth? Then, your search is ov...


Dale Carnegie

Are you so focused on a better tomorrow that you are unable to enjoy the present? Do you make great plans but cannot implement them efficiently? Do worrie...