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Stuti Gupta

The book is a collection of fifteen stories – some telling us how gods got their vahana – or vehicles; others narrating their fun and adventures tog...


Nidhi Dorairaj Bruce

Sooraj Sanghani is the richest bachelor on earth - and probably the unhappiest one too! Despite having all the money, an elite Harvard education, power and i...


Rrashima Verma

1798. Hyderabad, India. Lieutenant Colonel James Achilles Kirkpatrick is the recently appointed British Resident. When he first meets Khair-un-Nissa, a beautif...


Abhishek Bhaskar Vichare

What’s the big deal about just one kiss, Ruchi? What’s wrong if I want to take our relationship a step forward? Ruchi loved Anuj with all her he...


Kiran Nirvan , Brig Kanwaljit Singh

1965: Indian Army is preparing for a full-fledged war on its western border. After the Pakistan army’s infiltration into Jammu and Kashmir, Indian Ar...


Somenath Guha

“We shall die to awaken the nation” – Bagha Jatin Jatindranath Mukherjee, famously known as BAGHA JATIN , was born at a time when...


DP Vishwakarma

Craft A Career/Life That Is Absolutely Meant For You! Are you entering a stage in life where you cannot understand which road must be taken for a peaceful ca...


Arpit Vageria

Shaurya is a charming eligible bachelor who lives in a luxurious house in Mumbai. Having lost his parents a few years back, he loves his grandfather to bits. He...


Megha Ahuja

If there was one thing that Inaaya took pride in, it was the immense love that she had been blessed with. After her parents' tragic death in a road accident...


Scott Allan

In today’s day and age, when life has become a race, the only person you are competing with is - yourself. Get set to RELAUNCH YOUR LIFE with this t...


Deepak Surana

How did a young officer motivate his brave Rajput men to capture Tololing? Why did an officer from Nagaland remove his boots at the height of 16000 feet? What...


Sourabh Mukherjee

In August 2009, a thirty-nine-year-old policewoman went missing in Tamil Nadu. A month later, her heavily decomposed body was discovered in a drain by a graveya...