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Harshvardhan Rao

Aditi is a young girl who can charm her way into anyone’s heart, but she prefers to stay alone. As an upcoming journalist, she decides to do a story on a ...


Michael Bernoff

A jack of all trades is a master of none, they say. But do you know, often it is better than a master of one! If you have been feeling stuck in your life, rea...


Siddhartha Thorat

Memories are like wars. They never die. Sundari is beautiful, hot-headed and extremely handy with any weapon. But her real power is her knowledge of the smuggl...


Sundeep Singh

Being an IITian has long been considered an honour reserved for the sharpest and smartest minds in India. But there are exceptions. CHASING THE HORIZON is a st...



Are you looking to beat your sales targets and create mega deals? Do you want to drive efficient, repeatable success without getting tired? Game of Sales is t...


Kiran Nirvan

Three young medical college students find a poor rickshaw puller with a raw wound in the middle of the road. Little did they know, they were on the verge of une...


Aslam Rahaman

Aryan has slogged and given his best to be the top performer in his company that year. When he reaches office on that fateful morning, he is geared up for "...


Nimit Brahmbhatt

Planning to invest in the stock market, but don’t know where to start? Tired of taking investment tips from others, based on their experiences, risk ta...


Sarah Bailey

Dubbed the Housemate Homicide, it's a mystery that has baffled Australians for almost a decade. Melbourne-based journalist Olive Groves worked on the sto...


Prateek Maheshwari , Sagar Venkateshwar

With the rapidly changing world that we live in, a new business or brand is introduced to us each day. Every brand needs a unique marketing strategy to make it ...