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Madhu Gurung

In this collection of short stories, heart-breaking and heart-warming in equal measure, the lives of displaced Tibetans building new homes in India are chronicl...


Minnie Vaid

In late 2013, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched Mangalyaan—India’s first inter-planetary mission—after just eighteen mont...



The year is 1991. The Kurdish-Turkey conflict is at its peak, and eleven-year-old Ayla’s family is caught in the crosshairs. When her father is accused of...


Anuradha Kumar

In Parel’s Jupiter Mills chawl—one of the few remaining in Mumbai—live many long-time residents. Among them, Pooja, restless and trapped in an...


Bulbul Sharma

Walk into a delightful garden full of birds, bees, nests, trees, flowers, and lots and lots of stories. A great big jamun tree and a fat cat dominate Bulbul ...


Sandor Jaszberenyl

From Cairo to London, war correspondent Daniel Marosh battles insomnia and hallucinations while fleeing the emotional ravages of conflict and deceit through a d...


Shantanu Datta

Freedom needs no introduction got to keep moving same direction freedom needs no by-election got to keep moving same direction…’ —politician,...


Subhadra Sen Gupta

Ajji may have died, but her presence lingers around the abacus she used, always ready to pick faults in her grandchildren and point out their mistakes. But when...


Dom Moraes

The first in DOM Moraes’ trilogy of autobiographies, My son’s father is a coming of age account of growing up in Bombay and oxbridge of the 1950s, b...


Jerry Pinto

Why is the hamster such a scamster? What’s it with mothers and coconut oil? What happens to children who dig their noses? Why do we need new days...


Namrata Verghese

In The Juvenile Immigrant, her sparkling debut collection of short fiction, Namrata Verghese explores the disorders and triumphs of Indian immigrants, espe...


Eka Kurniawan

Nominated for the Man Booker International, Eka Kurniawan brings his short stories into English for the first time. Kurniawan’s freewheeling imaginatio...