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Kiran Doshi

‘I don’t know, memsahib,’ she said in the end. ‘But I don’t like it, that man coming here. I hope he does not come again.’ ...


N. Bhaskara Rao

This important and closely argued book contends that research is a unique ‘third eye of governance’—it brings otherwise invisible facts and gr...


Colleen Taylor Sen

Curry is one of the most widely used—and misused—terms in the culinary lexicon. Outside of India, the word curry is often used as a catchall to desc...


Ananda Devi

With brutal honesty and poetic urgency, Ananda Devi relates the tale of four young Mauritians trapped in their country's endless cycle of fear and violence:...


Yvonne Vaz Ezdani

During the Second World War, many of the Indians settled in Burma were killed following the bombing of Rangoon by the Japanese Air Force. Thousands more were fo...


Laurel Braitman

  About The Author LAUREL BRAITMAN has written stories about science, animals and other topics for Cabinet. Orion, The New Inquiry and other public...


Shabnam Minwalla

Colaba, May 2020; Lockdown, Day 46: Baman Marker, the Chairperson of Daisy and Lily Apartments, is found poisoned in his home. He dies soon after. The twin apar...



In The Curse, acclaimed author and poet Salma blasts through the artifice of genre and language to reveal the messy, violent, vulnerable and sometimes beautiful...


Usha Priyamvada

First published in 1961, Usha Priyamvada’s debut novel Pachpan Khambe, Laal Deewaarein is located within the boundaries of an all-women’s college in...


Vishram Bedekar

The world is on the brink of World War II. Herta, like thousands of other Jews, is escaping from Hitler’s Germany to Shanghai with her frail mother and me...


Daniel Sada

The most distinctive thing about the Gamal sisters is that they are, essentially, indistinguishable (except for a modest mole). The twin spinsters spend their t...


John Lockwood Kipling

From military camels and hunting cheetahs, to herding dogs and talking mynahs, animals have been living, working, playing and performing with humans in India fo...